Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Movie

Amazing Spider-Man 3 movieWe already knew there would be a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Now Sony is actually announcing two sequels. Yep, they're eying a trilogy for the new Spider-Man franchise starring Andrew Garfield. Here's the message they left on the official Facebook page of the Amazing Spider-Man:

"It's finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero's journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents."
Sony Pictures

Now what could possibly be the story of the Amazing Spider-man 3? Who could be the next villain? Well, the shadow man seen in the after-credits scene of the first film will probably be the villain of the second film. I could think of Morbius the living vampire as villain for the third film then. But maybe you have another suggestion? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the Amazing Spider-Man 3!